Ashaffenburg and Antaris .....

Today's visit was to Antaris a leading German manufacturer and product distributor. Caplor Energy has two projects in the next month in Herefordshire, a49kWp and 38kWp using Ataris modules. So this was a great opportunity to see the company first hand. Eberhard Zentgraf

Myself, Andrew Moore and Eberhard Zentgraf
We started the day by meeting Andrew Moore, he manages the UK market and was over to great us. Sebastien Seitz was introduced the companies technical director, we discussed the current projects undertaken by the anaris group globally. As we toured around the headquarters it was clear that again the employees were very proud of their acompany and achievements. 

We were also introduced to the director of TEC a project set up to monitor performance criteria of photovoltaics.

Later in the day we were taken to one of antaris's own PV arrays. This was over 700kWp, an impressive site. 

Although the Feed in Tariff in the UK for these projects has been dramatically cut, it showed us the potential of the technology.