A bicycle built for two

Caplor Energy are pleased to have had joined forces with Hereford Pedicabs, to promote environmentally friendly solutions in Herefordshire.

Hereford Pedicabs are a sustainable, pedal powered, taxi service available for everyone to use for journeys within a 1kilometer distance of central Hereford. It’s easy to get caught up in problems with pollution and congestion and expensive public transport so Hereford Pedicabs have provided Hereford with a fresh and innovative solution. There’s no set charge for the pedicabs services, just a tip of what you think it is worth. So be generous as it’s worth a lot to the environment.

They also run a same day cargo delivery service – Hereford Pedicargo – and an inter office travel service to enable businesses to get there goods, and staff from A to B.

As part of h.Energy week Caplor Energy will helping to promote the recycling competition run by Pedicabs and we look forward to working closely with them in the future.

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