Herefordshire recognised for solar photovoltaic generation

Herefordshire is the 9th biggest generator of solar photovoltaic energy across all UK local authorities, according leading energy consultancy AEA.

The county appears in the Top 10 authorities in the UK utilising PV technology having recorded 0.835% of the UK’s micro-generation total. The results, which are based on the total electricity generated from PV systems since April 2010, shows Herefordshire installed 1.34MW, which amounts to over 1 million units of electricity per year.

94.48% of Herefordshire’s total renewable energy came from solar photovoltaic panels and 4.82% from wind power.

Cornwall came out top of the PV charts generating 3.09MW but Aberdeenshire faired highest overall for renewable energy producing 5.88MW and 3.655% of the UK’s microgeneration. The vast majority of Aberdeenshire’s renewable energy comes from wind power and only a small 4.57% comes from solar PV.

Across the UK, Solar PV has the largest installed capacity out of all microgeneration and is estimated to contribute around 47% of the GHG savings.
For more information on AEA’s Microgeneration Index click here.

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