Play the "Generation Game" with Caplor Energy!

We're offering all Caplor Energy customers the chance to win the odd book, box of chocolates, bottle of wine or ticket to a show. We want to know exactly how much energy you’re generating on a monthly basis and, if you’re prepared to tell us, we’ll enter you into our free monthly draw.
Why do we want to know? Because we want to make sure that the estimates we give our customers are accurate, and we want to be able to publish real figures from real (but anonymous) people on our web site.
What do you need to do? Simply tell us that you’re interested in taking part, and then send in your figures at the end of every month.
Anything else? Yes, if you’re anything like the writer of this note you’ve been keeping a record of what you’ve been generating ever since your system was installed. Everyone who lets us have figures for past months – the more the merrier – will be entered into an extra special draw – and the winner will get a £25 book token.
See how much energy is being generated by Caplor customers, see what other people are generating, show them what you’re generating, see how much CO2 is being avoided – be part of something exciting – and win the odd prize!
How do you start – simply contact me, Mike Simmons, at and tell me that you’re interested.
Remember, you’ve got to be in it to win it!