Caplor Energy join forces with Growing Local Is Going Local

‘Caplor Energy’ is delighted to have joined forces with local Community Interest group, ‘Growing Local is Going Local’. The partnership is designed to promote a greener lifestyle throughout Herefordshire and educate communities about local products – both food and energy.

Herefordshire farmers grow a huge range of fruit and vegetables and Growing Local have an innovative new scheme to deliver locally grown products to local homes. The Vegetable Bag Scheme is also delivered to schools, organisations and communities and is designed to help customers shop locally, but also easily.

Both companies share the aim of supporting local communities and making Herefordshire as self sufficient as possible. The partnership will aim to encourage a sustainable community through business awareness and educational opportunities, raise the profile of local resources and produce, reduce carbon footprints further by reducing food miles and support the local farmers of Herefordshire. We also hope that more and more households will start thinking local when it comes to producing their own electricity. We're looking forward to working with Growing Local and hope we can both achieve some amazing things.

To find out more about Growing Local Is Going Local visit