Chris Huhne speaks out for Green Agenda

Chris Huhne, the Energy and Climate Change Secretary, has put a clear marker in the sand in a speech  he made at the Renewable UK Conference in Manchester earlier this week. It's all to easy to say that tackling renewable energy problems is too difficult, or that the problem's not really in the UK so we don't need to bother - or can only be ineffectual - but, says, Huhne, though the UK may only be responsible for 2% of carbon emissions "if we grasp the opportunity now our business and economy can be much more than two percent of the solution".

In the light of some of the things that came out of the Conservative Party Conference it's incredibly important that this message is heard. Unless all the science is plain wrong - and there doesn't seem to be much evidence to suggest that it is - then we can't turn our backs on the problem of Global Warming because it's too difficult or costly to solve. This is a bullet really does need to be bitten, and it's great to see someone in government sticking their head above the parapet to say so.

It's essential - for the planet, many of us would argue - that this message is heard and taken on board. You can read the full speech here - it makes for important reading - as well as further comment from James Murray, editor of businessGreen, here.