Feed-in Tariff Review Statement

On the 31st October 2011 the Department for Energy and Climate Change announced their planned changes to the Feed-in Tariff. Caplor Energy is confident that if the planned changes to the FIT rate are adopted, renewable electricity technologies will still represent a good investment – both financially and environmentally. However, as a result of the planned changes at Caplor Energy we are taking the following action to ensure we are honest and clear about what we can deliver to our customers:
·       We will do our upmost to ensure that ALL orders and deposits that do not require grid or planning permission and are received by Caplor Energy on or before Sunday 30th October 2011 are installed and commissioned by Friday 9th December 2011.
·       We will contact all customers who place an order with Caplor Energy on or after Monday 31st October 2011, to discuss reissuing a new quote and proposal based on the new FIT rates proposed by DECC.
We will not be providing any new quotes to customers until Monday 7th November 2011.