h.Energy week 2011

As I’m sure many of you know h.Energy is a week-long, county-wide exhibition to help promote a more sustainable and green way of live in Herefordshire. h.Energy week will be starting this Saturday and runs until Sunday 23rd October.

A wide range of community focused companies and local organisations, including Caplor Energy will be coming together to provide a week of fun-filled activities and informative events around the county. The week was designed to give residents tips on how to make all areas of their life more sustainable, give expert advise about new technology and discover how other local people have ‘gone green’.

Caplor is once again playing a big part in h.Energy week. As well as being the main sponsors of h.Energy this year, on Monday 17th October you will find us at the Courtyard where there will be a day and evening of workshops, film screenings, discussions and talks. On Thursday 20th October, we are inviting the public to come along to Caplor Farm for our energy showcase (2-5pm) and finally, on the Saturday 22nd we will be at the 'Information Market Place' in Hereford High Town.

To read the full story visit our website http://www.caplor.co.uk/caplor-news/h-energy-week-2011/ or for more information about h.Energy week, visit the new leaf website http://www.herefordshirenewleaf.org.uk.

We hope to see you there!