And now S Korea put us to shame !

Come on England.  On almost a daily basis whilst we have been having debates about FIT levels costing us 60p or a £1 and threatening some 25-30,000 jobs, the rest of the world appears to be taking the issues of climate change and energy security as the serious threats and opportunities that they are.

South Korea plans to plough £20billion into renewable energy, nuclear power and emission reduction projects in a co-ordinated bid to boost exports and domestic employment.

The south east Asian nation aims to claim a 10 per cent share of the global green energy market by the end of the decade, and boast one of the world's top five energy industries, according to a statement issued today by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy.

It estimates that, by 2020, the programme will have generated £114bn of export revenue, £33bn of domestic sales, and created 914,000 jobs.

South Korea has brought in a swathe of green policies and spent £2bn between 2006 and 2010 on developing low carbon sectors in a bid to curb emissions and cut expensive oil imports.