The first ever 'Generation Game' winner

Congratulation to Alan C, the first ever winner of Caplor Energy’s very own ‘Generation Game’.

As I’m sure most Caplor Energy customer are aware, we’ve been running a prize draw for everyone who gets in contact with us to let us know exactly how much electricity their solar PV system has been generating. I’m pleased to say that September’s response was fantastic and we’re thrilled that so many people have wanted to get involved.

The figures you give us will allow us to determine exactly how well our PV systems are generating and will help us to create more accurate generation estimates for our customers, as they will be based on real, accurate figures rather than government statistics.

September’s winner Alan C will has receiving a gift hamper worth £25, but don’t be too disheartened as we will be having another prize draw for October’s figures at the end of November. That gives everyone who would like to enter plenty of time to get in touch with us and tell us how much they have generated. If you would like to tell us your figures you can call us on 01432 860 644 or email Mike, October’s figures have already started pouring in so good luck!