First time lucky for October's Generation Game Winner

"Chris C" was the lucky winner of the October Generation Game and it was certainly first time lucky for him, since he was taking part in the game for the first time. Chris wins two times over, in fact, because if you look at his figures for October on the Generation Game web page you'll see his generated figures are well over his predicted figures. Remember, you've got to be in it to win it - and besides having the opportunity to win a small prize every month - Chris's will be winging its way towards him later this week - you're also taking part in some really useful research. Get your figures to us at the end of this month and you'll be in with a chance for the November draw.

It's maybe worth mentioning that every Caplor customer taking part in the game bar two exceeded their generated figures, and both of them are still ahead of their predicted figures for the year so far!