Government cuts to the feed-in tariff for Solar Power - The debate in parliament

On this link - if you can face it, there is the 3 hour debate on the FIT question raised by the Labour party today.  I am certainly no politician - Any of you that know me, will not need to be told that !

It would appear to me in watching this and in meeting some of our leaders of late - they seem to talk but not actually listen very much in a manner that can positively evolve the debate. 

Watch and see what you think - I have.  Mars bar for any one that makes it all the way through.........   The debate starts at 4.34pm

The good news is - hopefully both ''sides'' will realise the outcome was a pretty close thing.  Nobody wants FIT to stay at 43p the new rate will be OK. 

But for goodness sake can we please talk about how we can ensure there is support for the next few years so that solar can play it's part and reach grid parity.

The rest of the worlds Govts appear to get it - why not ours ?

Caplor Energy have written a consultation response and You can read our full response here.