Question Time finds Huhne short on feed-in tariff answers

Have a look at this (44min and 40sec in) - Chris Huhne our representative from our Green and business friendly Govt goes for what must be the hat trick plus this week.

1) Ignores international opinion and MP voices from across the country in Parliament debate this week on FIT review and forces a vote

2) Tells business at Imperial college to do their bit for Climate in the light of his dept doing their level best to decimate one of the few growth area's in the whole economy that directly helps with climate and energy issues.

3) Announces a very confused and expensive ''green deal'' flagship that will cost £14 Billion, but it's OK there will be 65,000 jobs hopefully if it happens.  But said no to 39,000 already existing solar jobs growing to 100,000 plus in 2015 with relatively modest support.

4) Goal 4, beyond the hat trick argues with the audience and Justine King of Sainsbury on question time.

Take a look.  The more I read / look and listen the less I can believe of it.