What does the Generation Game tell us?

There's been a lot of interest in Caplor's Generation Game, both within the company itself, amongst our customers and in the wider world. What the figures currently tell us - and you can see them for yourself here - is that the average amount of energy our customers are generating is running at over 14% above the predicted figure. This is pretty important in the light of the recent slash in the feed-in tariff because it shows that Caplor's customers should still be doing well even with the lower (but still very attractive) tariff. All PV companies will use the same calculations when it comes to making a prediction, but it might be that not every company is the same when it comes installing a system that makes the absolute best of the setting in which its installed.

On one level the Generation Game is just that, a game - and don't forget we need your October figures in within the next couple of weeks if you're going to be entered into the October draw - but on another level it's a useful piece of research that really does show us what's happening up there on the roof. These are real figures from real customers!