Google shines on solar sector with further £60m investment

Search giant reveals annual investment in clean energy is approaching £600million

Google has confirmed it will invest £60m in four large scale solar photovoltaic (PV) projects, edging the total amount invested by the search giant in clean energy projects this year towards £600m.

The company announced yesterday that it had teamed up with investment firm KKR to finance a series of Californian projects planned by solar developer Recurrent Energy.
The four solar PV power plants are expected to provide up to 88MW of capacity and generate up to 160,000,000 kWh during their first year of operation, enough for 13,000 average US homes.
Construction of three of the projectsis expected to be completed early next year with the fourth completed later in the year.

Gosh - that is a thought, Google a single company investing more in a year then some countries in total into future energy issues.  As some speculate, do corporations now rule the world ?  On this particular issue they are certianly giving an inspiring lead !