Jeremy Vine - debate on Solar FIT changes.

Starting just over 1 hour and 9 Min's into the show, Jeremy debates the over due and ''welcome'' change today to the level of PV tariff, but the dismal manner that it has been handled and the negative impact on so many right across the country - both suppliers and consumers.  Coming out of the debate, the huge boost the PV solar is making to UK economy and the great opportunity we have had from the introduction of an incentive to encourage us on a low carbon and independent energy journey and how vital it is to support this industry for the next few years to give us all the opportunity to get off the big six fossil fix.

As Chris Green says - the energy supply companies have made multi million pound profits from the supply of fossil fuel based energy and they ''keep it all'' - we can be certain that the £1 ish we the public have been saved by this Govt reduction in tariff will not end up as a saving in our pockets !!

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