Electric car figures for 2011 scheme

 Vauxhall Ampera qualifies for Plug-In Car Grant of £5000

Figures reveal 1,052 electric vehicles registered for plug-in grant scheme last year, but significant growth expected in 2012

Electric car supporters argue sales will pick up when more models are made available this year and the UK's charging infrastructure improves. However, speculation is mounting that such low numbers could see the scheme's funding come under threat ahead of this year's Budget.

A Department for Transport spokeswoman stated that "there is still support for EVs in government" and that a decision on whether to renew the scheme will likely be taken in February.

Transport minister Norman Baker also reaffirmed his backing for electric cars, saying the picture will change once new models, such as the Vauxhall Ampera and Renault's ZE range, come onto the market later this year.

"It is the availability of qualifying cars, rather than the public appetite for them, that is the main challenge we face in developing the electric car market," he said. "I have every confidence that this will change in the next few months and we will begin to see sales of ultra low-carbon cars improve."

I don't know much about electric cars or details of the scheme - but here is a random site i found that would suggest there is quite a selection.  I simply did a google search so not a recommendation.