Europe’s largest solar power plant

Activ Solar's 100MW PV plant in Ukraine

Is this the biggest ? - Its in the Ukraine and once again I think of our current limited ambition in this country with PV compared to activity in other countries.  Oh for the good old days when the UK apparently led the world on so many fronts.  Victoria would not be amused I am sure !

Activ Solar has finished the final construction phase of its 100MW Perovo Solar Power Station in Ukraine. This last development stage, completed on December 28, added a further 20MW to capacity, making Perovo Europe's largest PV system.

Located on Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula, work began in July, and the 200-hectare site
has the potential to generate around 132,500MWh of electricity a year. At full capacity the plant will provide enough electricity to cater for the peak-load requirements of Crimea’s capital city, Simferopol.

Development has created more than 800 full- and part-time jobs for the local workforce. Funding for the record-breaking system – believed to have cost about €300 million (US$387 million) – came from two Russian banks, VTB Bank OJSC and Sberbank.

This is the second major utility-scale development Activ has undertaken in Ukraine; in October the Austrian company completed its 80MW Okhotnykovo plant.