71% Brits are concerned about where their energy comes from

UK consumers are concerned that the majority of fuel used to generate electricity in the UK is imported from nearly 40 countries, from as far afield as Australia, Russia, and Qatar. Yet on the flipside, almost half (44 percent) of those surveyed were unaware that the majority of fuel used to generate electricity in the UK is imported.

Sourcing of energy in the UK is becoming an increasingly hot topic as this reliance leaves the country susceptible to international events beyond control. Many are concerned that alongside the fact that the UK is reliant on imported fuel, the decommissioning of nuclear plants are closure of other electricity plants in the coming years will lead to blackouts.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Good Energy, said: “The research shows that energy users are concerned about where their energy is coming from, and rightly so. Our reliance on fossil fuels imported from countries like Russia is what’s been pushing our electricity prices up recently. Clean, green electricity produced in the UK from natural sources can provide resilience against volatile international fossil fuel prices – a result of events around the world beyond our control.”

Good Energy believes that the solution to future energy security should start at home, with an increased call for microgeneration, support for community energy projects and an improved interest in energy efficiency.

This point is supported by YouGov’s findings that only 2 percent of survey respondents reduced their energy consumption due to Government campaigns while 82 percent claimed to make efforts to cut down their electricity use in order to save money on their bill.

Additionally, 41 percent said they are interested in generating their own electricity, with 3 percent already doing so.