UK Energy Statistics 2011

Renewables’ share of generation increased by 2½ percentage points on 2010 to a record 9½ per cent.

A recent report from DECC shows UK energy stats for 2011 - see fuller report at -

  • Final energy consumption was 8 per cent lower than in 2010, with falls recorded in all sectors. Domestic consumption fell by 18½ per cent due to the milder weather in 2011, with temperatures being 1.8 degrees warmer than 2010.

  • Average annual household standard electricity bills (fixed consumption of 3,300 kWh per annum) across all payment types in 2011 are £36 higher than in 2010 (up 8.5 per cent to £453), and average gas bills (fixed consumption of 18,000 kWh per annum) across all payment types are £61 higher (up 9.3 per cent to £719).