Australians embrace solar to tackle rising power bills


Regional and lower-income Australians are leading the charge towards solar power as a way to address rising power bills, according to new data.
Australia's top solar postcode at the end of 2011 was Dubbo in NSW, where more than a quarter of houses (28 per cent) have now installed solar power. Close on its heels was Caloundra in Queensland, where more than 27 per cent of homes have now gone solar.
Mr Thornton said this suggested those most exposed to rising power bills were more likely to invest in a solar system.
"With the price of panels now about a third what it was just three years ago, many people see solar power as a way to save on their energy bills as well as do something for the environment," he said.
"We now have more than half a million solar power systems in Australia, but really we are just in the early stages of tapping in to the power of this technology. Solar panels are fast becoming the Hills Hoist of the 21st Century."