Caplor's Carbon Campaign

Caplor’s Carbon Campaign

With fuel prices rising and energy costs soaring over reliance upon traditional farming strategies is not only bad for the environment, but bad for business.  In Caplor Farm’s latest attempt to do something about it they have decided to recruit a recent graduate to help.

I have recently graduated in an environmental discipline at the University of East Anglia where I specialised in environmental sciences.  I hope my background will help bring fresh emission reduction ideas and proposals to Caplor Farm that will be both innovative and cost effective. 

It’s not going to be an easy job though. It is important to find the right solutions for Caplor Farm as although there are plenty of methods and technologies for saving energy out there, many of these are expensive and impractical.   Finding the cost effective ones that fit into the actual day to day operations of the business is the real issue.

It’s a challenge that I am really relishing.  I’ll be focusing my first few weeks on identifying where all the carbon is produced in the company and then identifying ‘hotspots’ where lots of emissions occur.  Once I can see how much carbon is produced and where, I will work towards reducing emissions.
Being proactive within the agricultural sector and environmentally responsible are key objectives here at Caplor.   Mitigating emissions on the farm will not only reduce the damaging impacts upon the environment produced here but further demonstrate to the extended local agricultural community that productive change can be made.

What’s more the very nature of saving carbon means reducing energy use and improving efficiency.  These also equate to less expenditure on producing products making Caplor more profitable.  In a time when energy prices are soaring and agriculture is being ruthlessly squeezed it makes perfect sense.  I can both help the environment and improve Caplor’s financial returns, a real win-win situation.

Do keep an eye out on the Caplor blog as I document my progress Over the coming few months.  Who knows some of the solutions may be practical for you too.

Daniel Welch – Caplor Farm carbon auditor.