The eye-watering expense of UK nuclear power plans

A long aricle by Jonathon Porritt  on the costs of nuclear power - well worth a read, please follow the link

Just for a moment, forget whether you're pro-nuclear or anti-nuclear, and reflect on the coalition government's policy for nuclear power.

It wants to see 10 new reactors built over the next few years. It sees this as a critical part of its carbon management strategy, and absolutely necessary to help "keep the lights on". It believes it will strengthen the UK's energy security at a time when North Sea oil and gas continues to decline. It is working closely with a wide range of energy companies to help deliver the 10 new reactors. That's the plan. Some think it's great; some don't much like it, but see it as a necessary part of addressing accelerating climate change; some think it is seriously misguided.

It doesn't really matter what you think (JP suggests): it cannot possibly deliver – primarily for economic reasons.