Rio+20: CEOs survey on global sustainability challenges

Interesting stats from one of the worlds biggest accounting firms who boast - over 400 of the global fortune 500 companies - so they should have an opinion on compnay percpective... 

At the end of this article have your say and fill in a question sheet they intend to use in lobby work at the Rio+20, audiance participation !!

Seven out of ten CEOs in a global PwC business poll say they would take more ambitious action on issues related to the Millennium Development Goals including issues of energy, water and sustainable development if progress is made at Rio+20.

The poll reflects that as issues of energy affordability, water scarcity and climate change move to become strategic business concerns, the gap between sustained and sustainable development could be closed. CEOs identified affordable energy, equality and social inclusion, sustainable consumption and resource scarcity as the top three concerns related to sustainable development in 2012.

By 2022
Malcolm Preston, global lead, sustainability and climate change, PwC said:

"There is a sense that business can and will respond on sustainability and climate change. Big business gets the strategic importance of sustainable development and consumption, and many major players are already taking action in their businesses and along their supply chain. But the private sector is looking for more ambition and more leadership from governments and policymakers."

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