TAKE ACTION - British clean energy revolution

Friends of the Earth are calling on Prime Minister David Cameron, and Energy Secretary Ed Davey to wean the UK off fossil fuels and create a 'Clean British Energy Revolution'

Research conducted by the polling company YouGov suggests 85 per cent of Britons want their energy companies to be forced to use UK base renewable energy sources rather than rely on foreign gas supplies.

Friends of the Earth has launched a petition to be delivered to David Cameron and Ed Davey calling on them to ‘ensure the UK is not locked into another generation of expensive, imported gas.'

In the same poll 64 per cent of participants said they would like to see the country's energy matrix built from wind, wave, tidal and solar power, all of which the UK generates in abundance each year. Only 3 per cent of those polled backed coal, and 2 per cent gas.

Deborah Meaden from the BBC's Dragons Den has backed the campaign, ‘David Cameron needs to listen to the public and say "I'm in" to clean British energy, opening up a multi-billion pound opportunity for British businesses.'

‘Gas, coal and nuclear are the technologies of the past. Our country has the skills and the talent to be world-beaters in the renewable energy technologies of right now. Friends of the Earth's Clean British Energy campaign would switch the UK to home-grown clean power - we can't afford not to,' she says.

TAKE ACTION: Help ensure a clean energy future for Britain by signing the petition at Friends of the Earth campaign page