UK Supermarkets should publish food waste record to tackle leftovers mountain

Supermarkets should help the UK reduce the £12bn of edible food thrown away each year by tracking and publishing their food waste performance.

That is one of the conclusions of a report published yesterday by the Fabian Society, which says the move would not solve the problem in itself but would be "an important step" towards building public awareness and support for strategies to reduce food waste.
The report came on the same day research by frozen food company Birds Eye found families massively underestimate the amount of food they throw out. Of an average £68 weekly spend on food (a lot less than ours!), families surveyed for the study estimated they disposed of £5.20 worth, while figures from WRAP, the government's waste advisers, put this figure closer to £13 for an average family with children - Avergaing these figures thats a financial waste of almost £500 per family - a lot of pizza !.

The Birds Eye study found the main reason for people wasting food is largely down to buying more food than they need, which 37 per cent of the 2,116 surveyed admitted to.

Over 20 per cent said they did so because of supermarket offers including ‘Buy One get One Free' deals or similar, while one in three admitted lack of meal planning prior to shopping contributed to waste.

Waste Minister Lord Taylor of Holbeach said: "Wasting perfectly good food is bad for household budgets and bad for the environment, which is why we are taking action to help people cut down on what they throw away.

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