Community investment schemes for returns and a clear conscience

This is good - the community initiative that we are involved in is getting coverage in the Guardian.

Community schemes offer savers 6%-8% returns a year. Plus a clear conscience. The latest promises to deliver green heat while rescuing local woodland

The country's first "wood fuel co-operative" is offering green-minded small investors the chance to watch their money go up in smoke and still earn a decent return.

Woolhope Woodheat is a "groundbreaking" project that aims to bring green heat to Herefordshire by installing woodchip boilers in larger buildings that are expensive to run, and sourcing the fuel from local, sustainable woodlands. It is inviting members of the public to join the co-op by investing a minimum of £250, and says the projected return on your investment averages out at 6.1% or more, provided you are happy to sign up for the long term.

Read full article here - Thanks to Rupert Jones