An increase in UK PV installs - but nothing to get too excited over.

Install figures for Solar PV in the UK show a slight increase - However if the number of installers still hover around 4000 then the figures represent less than one install per company.  So hardly a revolution in the making.  Is it time to be a bit more carful when picking your supplier, this is a 25 year decision........

The most recent monthly installation figures from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) suggest that the UK solar industry is finally showing some signs of recovering from the disruption experienced at the beginning of this year.

While the figures quoted for the last months show a slow down in the amount of installations coming online the residential sector remains most prominent.

During the week ending June 17 a total of 1, 833 systems were installed, 1,787 of which were in the 0-4kW bracket. Only 17 were completed in the 4-10kW bands with just 29 of 10-50kW in size.

The Solar Trade Association’s PV Specialist, Ray Noble, said: “There is a large amount of ground-mounted solar projects going ahead in the UK. Many have already begun work on site ready for completion by the end of March 2013. I expect anything from 600MW to 1GW to be built by this date.”

However, Noble notes that these installations are the “low hanging fruit” which will have been in the pipeline since last year when the feed-in tariff was abruptly cut for the larger projects. Industry is now concerned that DECC will cut the amount of ROCs large-scale solar is eligible for when the review of this scheme takes place later this year.

In response to these concerns the Solar Trade Association is now calling on Government to keep the existing two ROCs for solar at the same level after April 2013.

“The industry has responded to what was thought to be an impossible challenge of making solar energy work with two ROCs and have made it work. However industry needs two years of stability with ROCs in order to grow the industry to a level that will reduce prices still further in the future and allow Government to start reducing the ROC contribution at a gradual rate going forward.''

So probably not much danger of another stampede any time soon and that has to be a good thing - Lets hope the govt stay calme and study the trends when the market is hoped to get to levels stated such as 22GW.