Official: Standby devices costing UK £1.3bn a year

The UK is wasting up to £1.3bn a year as a direct result of stand-by settings and devices that are left on when not in use. 

This is according to a ground-breaking new government study that has provided the most accurate picture to date of how households use computers, televisions, and other electrical appliances.

The study, entitled Powering the Nation - household energy habits uncovered, was undertaken by Defra, DECC and the Energy Saving Trust. It involved the installation of over 250 advanced smart meters in owner-occupied households and the surveying of participants in the trial on their use of electrical appliances.

The results revealed a widespread reluctance to turn off devices when not in use and a reliance on stand-by settings which over the course of a year still add significant sums to energy bills.

"As this survey shows we are using a lot more energy than previously thought," said Environment Minister Lord Taylor of Holbeach.

How easy it is not  switch things 'off'' yet it is costing - If I did the maths right approx.  £55-£60 per year.  Mmm, we could leave things on or go out for a meal.  You choose..........