Super farms are needed in UK, says leader of National Farmers Union

Being farmers as well I cant help but find this article interesting - I have not got a clear opinion but I have pondered for some time the pro's and con's of big and small and to be honest my hunch is to fall on the side of a larger scale system.  But would love to see the facts clearly laid out. The population / living habits and fact over 50% globally live in cities tend to point this way, coupled to well established supermarket based distribution that has developed for a reason.  Your thoughts ?

The president of the National Farmers Union believes the UK needs more and bigger "super farms" to keep food prices from rising too high and to maintain high animal welfare standards.

Planning experts continue to consider at least two planning applications for large-scale pig and dairy farms, Kendall said that more super farms would be created and the government should make adjustments to allow some farms to keep several thousand animals and be part of a trial aimed at helping Britain feed its population as food demand rises around the world.

The problem thought to be facing Britain is highlighted by figures from the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board showing that, though Britain has about 5% of China's 1.3 billion population, it has less than 3% of its land area.

An independent report by the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (Post) found that much larger farms than those in Britain could be "both good and bad" for animal welfare and the environment, arguing that they could "potentially" improve conditions for animals and the protection of the environment.

"The challenge of feeding everybody with the constraints of climate change and weather shocks is so great we'll need a complete rethink," said Kendall.

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