Tim Yeo - Energy bill must vow to 'decarbonise' sector or face losing investment

Tim Yeo, the chairman of the influential energy and climate change select committee, said the bill should provide "confidence, certainty and long-term stability", and that this could only be done through setting a clear target for "decarbonising" the electricity sector. Without such a framework, he warned, the required investment in the energy sector – estimated at more than £200bn in the next ten years – would be doubtful.

If a new fleet of plants were built in the next few years, and still operating in 25 years, it would be all but impossible to meet the UK's long-term target of cutting carbon emissions by 80% by 2050, according to the committee. But if new plants are not built in the next few years, the government could face electricity shortages, because of the difficulty of building alternatives such as windfarms and nuclear reactors in time to meet the expected shortfall of electricity.

Yeo said: "Whether or not the government sets a clear carbon reduction target on the face of the energy bill will be a key test of the coalition's commitment to tackle climate change."

It appears to defy logic - clean energy investment ticks so many box's and one week ''we'' all seem on board and the next week there are question marks over commitment.  A quick list of ticks - Secure energy, lower carbon, a safer environmental future, better balance of trade, jobs, democratic energy choice,  fixing lower long term energy costs, political security, attracting investment, the coveted growth and so the list go's on.  On the negative side.........