UK energy policy - roundtable debate warns, will not deliver

Government energy policy is failing to deliver the energy savings and growth in renewable generation necessary to meet the UK's climate objectives and runs the risk of failing to capitalise on vital economic opportunities.

That is the view of energy companies, consumer organisations, academics, and investors, who participated in a series of roundtables organised by WWF, SSE, Consumer Focus, and the University of Exeter.
The organisers and 12 other groups warn May's draft energy bill will fail to encourage sufficient investment in energy efficiency and clean energy.

It also warns the government's failure to set an emissions limit for the electricity generation sector means it is unlikely to prevent a breach of the UK's carbon budget and as a result it could lead to consumers paying more than necessary to support new infrastructure.

The difficulty I feel is the lack of grasping the obvious and just simply sticking to it.  Continual rhetoric about a need for ''more growth'' and a ''solution to our energy supply needs'' but then the current answer is still too prohibitive and or confusing, support policies that change too rapidly to create genuine confidence to the wider society - maybe......  or maybe to expect the vast supertanker that is govt to turn on a sixpence is just too optimistic - Yes but these issues have been ongoing and getting more accute for years.  When did forward thinkers like Germany first ''get on it'' and where are they now, mmm some 20 plus years ago and...