Big Business looking to gain from RHI

Since the feed in tariff arrived in town the Solar thermal market has taken a bit of a back seat.  It's easy to understand why PV has had such a strong take up, a relatively easy install and the product diversely useful.  However the RHI is now available for business and it looks as though progressive business is beginning to take notice of a great triple bottom line opportunity - Are you ?

Here is a geo thermal example -  GT Energy, an Irish geothermal power developer, plans a 140 million-pound expansion across Britain in partnership with EON AG’s U.K. unit.

The companies will build five 7-megawatt plants to provide heat to homes and businesses. The first, is scheduled to start operating in 2014.

The partners are tapping into growing demand for clean energy as the government promotes heat and power generation that curbs emissions while reducing reliance on fossil fuels. The U.K. last year opened an 860 million-pound Renewable Heat Incentive program, subsidising output from sources such as geothermal and solar thermal generators and biomass boilers.

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Britain has a target to get 15 percent of its energy and 12 percent of its heat from renewable sources by 2020. Heating and hot water account for 47 percent of U.K. energy demand and 46 percent of carbon dioxide output, according to the government.