China increases PV installation target from 15GW to 21GW by 2015

In the Uk we ''may'' have a policy to achieve 22GW of PV by 2020 or we may have an aspiration to do so or we just may not - mmm  clear policy.  Meanwhile often cited dirty China is simply going to beat that target and do it in just three years, well done China and the clever spin off will be the support of their domestic PV manufacturers.  Achieving energy and climate improvements whilst making smart investment and supporting industry. 

The Chinese National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) has increased the country’s target of installed solar energy from 15GW to 21GW by 2015, it has been reported. According to an IMS Research report, China’s installations will exceed 4GW in the second half of 2012. The increase will further stimulate the domestic PV market at a time when the European market is expected to decrease. IMS Research reports that China’s capacity of c-Si modules will reach 32.6GE in Q1 ’12, even though the full year forecast for global installations is only 30.6GW.

“A more diverse range of system types will emerge in 2012, largely driven by China approving 1.7GW of projects under the Golden Sun Scheme,” commented Frank Xie, senior PV market analyst and report author. “IMS Research predicts that 1GW of Golden Sun projects will be completed by year end, and that medium and large commercial rooftop installations will reach 850MW in 2012.”