French Government May Look Again at Shale Gas and Economist shale gas review

The IEA’s report “Golden Rules for a Golden Age of Gas”, published in May, says that if shale extraction goes ahead at full speed worldwide, gas could make up around 25% of primary energy demand by 2035, against 21% in 2010. But even if public resistance holds back its development, its share will still rise to only 22%.

The French government may review its position on shale gas as part of the planned mining code revision, Les Echos reported, citing unidentified industry ministry officials.

Energy Minister Delphine Batho will hold talks with non- governmental organizations and there could be some progress on the issue by the end of the month, the daily business newspaper said.

The previous French government passed a law last year banning hydraulic fracturing of shale though “experiments aimed solely at scientific research” are still allowed, the newspaper said.

Its hard to imagine that the ''world'' will not dash for gas - But why not put in the research and really work out the consequences and what is needed to be done to protect the environment rather than be swung by sentiment and economics.

Detailed article in the economist this week - see it here,

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