George Osborne's gas push has shattered the climate change consensus

My mother used to say to me - if you don't (what ever my latest deviation had been) i will ''box your ears''  As I witness our govt's ridiculous policy changes around energy and climate change then i feel an urge to do exactly that - '' box their ears'' My cousin (Russell) will tell you how his father would muse that he would ''kick their (bottom) till their noses bled'' - These were expressions not actual actions I don't come from a violent family, you can relax, my kids are safe, from the relatives at least but perhaps not the politicians and our future.  Have a read of this from James Murray

The chancellor's push for gas power has re politicised an array of environmental and economic issues. 
When the history of climate change in the UK is written, probably from a bunker somewhere in Northern Scandinavia, the last few months will be noted as the moment when the country's admirable political consensus on the need to tackle climate threats and build a green economy finally shattered.