How many Renewable energy installations in the uk ?

The latest quarterly newsletter from regulator Ofgem, reveals a total of 248,010 renewable installations had been registered for feed-in tariffs by the end of March this year, equating to just over 1GW of new capacity.
Around 430MW of capacity has been added since the turn of the year, with solar photovoltaic systems remaining by far the most popular technology under the incentive scheme.

Ofgem reports 99,629 solar installations were registered in the first quarter of this year, taking the total under the scheme to 244,920.

In contrast, small-scale wind turbines saw only 330 installations register for the scheme over the same three-month period, while 34 combined heat and power (CHP) systems, 26 hydro installations, and two anaerobic digestion (AD) plants were also registered.

There are now a total of 2,442 wind systems, 353 micro-CHP, 279 hydroelectric, and 16 AD plants registered under the scheme.

Almost £47m of feed-in tariff payments were made from the beginning of January to the end of March this year, over £10m more than the previous quarter, taking the overall total paid under the scheme to £128.4m.  Origionally labour projected approx. £107m by this point.

The scheme has cost consumers less than 90p per household.  Not much considering the immediate and long term benefits and given the true cost of fossil fuel.