Canadian Young Farmer Visits Caplor

Jacquelyn Denham was passing through Herefordshire this week and paid a visit to Caplor Farm to see a leading example of a farm for the future.  Jacquelyn is spending 12 weeks away from her home in Ontario, Canada touring the UK and spending time with farming families via the young farmer’s network.  She has already seen parts of Scotland, attended the Royal Highland show and helped out on farms from Kent to Pembrokeshire. Whilst in the county she also visited the Hereford cattle society offices and learnt about the native breed which has put Hereford on the world map.
At Caplor Jacquelyn met with some of the team and took a tour of the farm to see the pedigree Hereford cattle, the renewable energy systems and the conservation areas under environmental stewardship. She was particularly impressed with the array of solar panels on the farm as these are not yet very popular in her part of Canada where wind power is much more widespread.  The farm staff explained how tractor fuel efficiency is optimised and how the electricity generated on site is used to run the potato store and other on-farm appliances.  
At home Jacquelyn is part of the Junior Farmers Association of Ontario which has an age range from 15 – 30, whereas in the UK the federation of young farmers clubs is for 10 – 26 year olds.  She noted how the number of young farmers was much higher than in Canada and how the denser populations and shorter travelling distances enabled a much stronger community spirit in rural areas like Herefordshire.
Jacquelyn said she would take away many ideas from her visit to Caplor and we wish her luck for her ongoing travel.