Green firms unite in letter to Cameron

Representatives of over 200 businesses, NGOs, campaigners, and unions wrote to Cameron and Clegg imploring them to get a handle on energy policy

The world and its scientific experts, economists and politicians by clear majority accept the quite daunting issues surrounding climate change and energy demand - Here in the Uk opinion is the same but policy and perhaps more so the rhetoric around it appears to swing faster than our weather.  The green industry and investors need a simple clear, long term message and policy and we need it now.  How can the treasury appear so blinkered.

So what to do about it - keep the pressure on Govt to sort themselves out for the good of society, environment and the ailing economy.  We can all do this and we can do it today - 200 made the effort yesterday so what will you do today ??  

The letter, which was orchestrated by the Renewable Energy Association (REA), argues the Treasury's repeated interventions in renewable energy policy over the past year have created crippling uncertainty across the sector, resulting in reduced levels of investment and increased risks for developers.