Obama announces federal aid for drought-stricken agriculture industry

Experts predict that climate change will increase the occurrence of extreme weather events - This year is perhaps supporting that, around the globe UK has suffered wettest summer since records began, Russia is having problems and in the US, the worst drought in 50 years - And the effects are massive.........

Pressure for action intensified last week as the department of agriculture warned food prices may be set to soar worldwide

President Barack Obama moved to stem the impact of the worst drought in 50 years as he directed the department of agriculture to buy up to $170m of pork, lamb, chicken and catfish.

This drought has forced farmers to abandon corn fields covering an area larger area than Belgium and Luxembourg combined. The department slashed its forecasts for key crops including corn and soybeans and lowered production forecast for eggs, milk and pork. Blaming "extreme and dryness" in the Central Plains and the Corn Belt, the USDA said it now expects this year's corn harvest to be the lowest since 1995-1996.

Obama is under pressure to drop laws that mandate the amount of corn ethanol that must be produced each year. This year 13.2bn gallons of corn ethanol will be mixed with gasoline to meet the federal renewable-fuel standards. Its production will require about 40% of this year's crop.

Last week the United Nations released a report that said world food prices had increased by six per cent in July, driven up by a 23 per cent spike in corn prices.

Oxfam called for urgent action and said the price rise threatened a return to the crisis of 2008 when similar price hikes triggered riots around the world as the United Nations said a billion people were going hungry.

These events effect us at every level of society, the social and economic costs are clearly massive yet still policy deliberates and there are people who question if we even have a problem.