Oman - may get 100% electric from Solar

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Oman, which boasts the one of the highest solar energy densities in the world, is currently investigating the development of a 200MW solar photovoltaic (PV) and concentrating solar power (CSP) project.

If the project gets the go-ahead, then the solar farm could generate the entire country’s electricity supply while covering a tiny percentage of the desert with solar collectors, dramatically reducing the state’s dependence on domestic oil.
Oman will be able to reduce its domestic usage of oil, allowing it to increase exports and boost revenues. However it will also improve the country’s green image and bolster foreign tourism. For a country will such a large level of sunlight, Oman shockingly still relies almost exclusively on fossil fuels. Hopefully, this solar project will show the benefits of renewable energy and inspire the sultanate to diversify its energy supplies even further.