Walmart Unveils 100th Solar Installation in California

The worlds largest retailer and boasting some of the worlds richest people in their stable of team Walmart over the years.  So we can probably feel reasonably confident that their ''investments'' are going to be reasonably thought through.  We can also take encouragement that if Walmart are taking these bold steps it will send inspiration out generally to all business.

The 100th California (just C) Walmart store now using rooftop solar panels to generate power, contributing to the companies broader goal of being supplied 100 percent by renewable energy. Walmart's investment in solar power typically generates an average of 48% of power per site.     "At Walmart, we believe sustainability is about living better," said Kimberly Sentovich, Senior Vice President of the Pacific Division for Walmart.     The total combined solar efforts in California are expected to: Generate up to 70 million kilowatt hours of clean, renewable energy per year, which is the equivalent of powering more than 5,400 homes*;     "Walmart's work to expand and accelerate its solar power initiative program here in California demonstrates its commitment to sustainability. Walmart has helped create local jobs, reduce costs for its own operations, and protect the environment. We encourage other businesses to follow Walmart's lead."
"This milestone for Walmart's efforts demonstrates the growing roles for renewables in America's energy future."

So the point is this opportunity is there for all of us - we can protect the environment, reduce our reliance on increasing energy costs and make a sound investment all at once whilst boosting an ailing global economy.  So be it commercial, residential or community lets follow the lead of ''power houses'' (excuse the pun) like Walmart and join the energy revolution !