YouGov survey finds majority of people do not know how much they spend on energy

Hard to imagine with such rapid rises in energy prices, yet it shows that still the issues of energy have perhaps not hit home to the ''masses'' - which means what for us all ?  Interesting to know who the sample were.

A survey of more than 2,000 people by carried out by YouGov, found 81 per cent of UK adults who receive energy bills do not know exactly how much they spend on energy.

In contrast, only 13 per cent of people said they knew exactly how much energy they have used and how much their bill will be.

Published yesterday, the survey also revealed a lack of understanding among consumers about the cost of powering common household devices.

For example, half of people knew boiling a full kettle takes more energy than powering a fridge for four hours.

In addition, nearly one in three did not know that more powerful televisions such as flat screen and internet-enabled TVs cost more to power than a standard television.

''the survey clearly highlights the vast lack of awareness among the UK public with regards to energy consumption," 

Take a look here for some info on power useage of appliances, pic is American use -