David Cameron hails solar PV’s potential in the UK

I think as a whole the public are currently somewhat confused by the govt's actual attitude towards the environment and energy supply - these words from our PM are encouraging but will policy be as consistent and supportive as inspiring as this single visit suggests - lets hope so.
 Opening a new community solar array, David Cameron spoke of the importance of renewables, saying: “It makes sense as a country to be less reliant on sources of oil and other fuels from difficult and dangerous parts of the world. It makes sense to be more diversified and what could be more diversified than local sources and locally produced energy. 

“We’ve got to stop pumping CO2 into the atmosphere if we care about climate change and solar power can help us do that.”

The Prime Minister added: “What you’re doing here [in Eynsham] as a decentralised energy project is hugely important in cutting carbon, providing jobs, making us resilient and important in the long-term to have low cost energy. I’m personally very committed to this agenda.

“It’s great for me as Prime Minister to come and see this project to praise the People’s Power Station… the meetings I’ve had with local green groups gives me great inspiration about decentralised energy.”

The Prime Minister was on hand to open a new 12.56kWp solar array situated on the roof of Eynsham’s village hall. The solar installation is the first step in an ambitious local scheme called the People’s Power Station.

Local green group, the Low Carbon Hub has worked closely with Oxfordshire Council to develop the People’s Power Station scheme.   Well done on the install, even more well done getting the PM to make these positive statements.