Miliband pledges to green electricity supply by 2030

Labour becomes the first mainstream UK political party to commit to decarbonising the power sector by 2030, with leader Ed Miliband warning the British economy is "desperately in search of new sources of growth."

In an article to be published in think-tank Green Alliance's journal Inside Track , Miliband will also urge the UK government to play a more active role in boosting the low carbon economy by investing in new technologies and setting stringent targets.
Green groups have raised concerns that the Department for Energy and Climate Change's draft energy bill stops short of setting a target to decarbonise the electricity sector, instead stating a need to ensure power can be produced as cheaply as possible.
The Climate Change Committee (CCC) however has recommended that the only feasible way to meet 2050 carbon emissions targets would be to ensure electricity being produced at no more than 50gCo2/kW by 2030. 

But Miliband, a former Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, follows up on his strident green economy speech earlier this month to warn that governments must commit to a "clear goal of decarbonising the power sector by 2030" in order to attract investment to the emerging green economy.

"This is the time to stand proud and declare that we want to lead the world in the low carbon, resource efficient technologies of the future," he writes.

"The countries that make the leap first will be the successful economies of this century, exporting technology around the world to cities seeking cleaner air and lower emissions.

"But this will require a much more active role for government.. It is governments which set the low carbon targets and correct market failures; and the degree of support for policies shown by governments is a major part of perceived risk for investors".