Caplor shines with pride

We are pleased to announce that last Wednesday evening Gareth Williams, the owner of Caplor Energy received the award for ‘The Pride of Herefordshire Entrepreneur 2012’. 

The ‘Pride of Herefordshire Awards’ are designed to celebrate the achievements of local people who have made a real contribution to the success and well being of Herefordshire over the past twelve months.

Gareth won it in recognition of the great work he has done in driving the county toward a more sustainable future. Apart from the hundreds of solar panel installations that Caplor Energy has completed, Gareth has also done a lot of work in promoting the public awareness of renewable energy. He regularly opens up his farm for visits from people who wish to see the renewable technologies installed there, which include a number of solar photovoltaic panel arrays, a solar hot water system and a wind turbine.  In addition to very regular public talks to all sectors from education to community and business, further of course to this Blog that you are all familiar with.

In the past two years also founding director of the ''Woolhope Woodheat'' community share owned Bio-mass project - the first of it's kind in the UK.

This is besides local input to the community via voluntary work in the local council.

‘I am extremely proud to receive this award and it makes me even more determined to keep pushing the benefits of renewable energy’ said Gareth.

‘It is clear now that renewables can contribute hugely to the energy requirements of the UK and take us one step closer to dealing with the climate change issues that we are all facing. ’

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