Did You Know 3.0 (Officially updated for 2012) HD

We often find ourselves discussing the state of change in the world and how technology has speeded up the manner in which information flows and how quickly innovation can take place.

An even younger version of myself used to think how amazing were the things that my grandmother (who lived to 92) born in 1897 had lived through in her lifetime. Queen Victoria was still monarch, the Boar war was on, she lived through the first flight, the two world wars, penicillin, the great depression, Women's vote, man on the moon, computers, mobile phone - the list goes on and is an impressive one.

But things are changing right now as well and due to the technology and population exponential growth it is happening at ''quite a pace'' - to say the least.  Any way I am sure you will have all seen this before, but it's worth a few minutes just to update the wow factor at what is happening right now but perhaps to then ask the vital question of -

''what does this mean to me and us?'' and ''what shall I do about it?'' - and actually challenge ourselves to come up with some answers

Thanks to Mark and Paula for showing it to us yesterday - In the avenue of work, one simple response put the ball in the net of making me realise how profoundly fast a business has to move to just keep up. It raises points that go way beyond, on which I shall be dwelling for some time........

Sit back and watch the film -