Energy Saving Trust - Rising returns from solar

The average annual returns households can expect to generate from domestic solar panels has increased since May this year, according to new research from the Energy Saving Trust (EST).

The Trust's assessment of the domestic solar market shows that the average combined savings on energy bills and income from feed-in tariff incentives generated by well-located domestic rooftop solar installations has risen from £540 a year in May to £635 a year at the start of this month.
EST's Ian Cuthbert said the increased returns were the result of the recent hikes in energy bills, as well as the tendency for households to opt for larger solar arrays.

"We are seeing that people are installing bigger systems," he said. "Solar panels are becoming cheaper and where £7,500 used to buy you a 2kW panel it now gets you a 3.5kW installation."

He added that the trend was likely to continue as most analysts are predicting long term increases in energy prices.

"We hope the latest data and figures will provide householders, whose homes are appropriate for solar panels, with the reassurance that they will be making significant savings and income as a result of the installation," said Cuthbert.