Green consumers to the fore on Black Friday

As Black Friday shopping revs up to fever pitch in the US, a new survey finds two thirds of consumers are recognising the need to purchase fewer products and make sure the ones they do buy are good for the environment and society.

The poll of 6,224 people across the US, UK, Brazil, China, India and Germany shows the trend is much more pronounced in emerging markets, where 82 per cent "feel a sense of responsibility to purchase products that are good for the environment and society", compared to just 49 per cent in industrialised countries.
Scepticism around green product claims and a lack of knowledge about what makes a product socially or environmentally responsible are also highlighted as barriers to the adoption of green products.

However, the poll confirms significant and growing consumer interest in products that can boast credible green credentials.

According to government figures, the worldwide green goods and services market is estimated to be worth £3.3 trillion, having grown almost four per cent over 2011. In the UK alone, the market tops £122bn and is expanding faster than almost any other sector of the economy, driven in part by consumer demand.