Obama or Romney ??

It would be fair to say I do not really have a great handle on the American election.  Just watching and listening one gets the idea that Obama is an intelligent man of substance.  America and the globe is going through the economic mixer and he is the one that has been there through this period and to date we are still in the game as it were.  In the negative media there are stories abound on Romney's tax avoidance and policy gaps.

So who should / is going to win ??

For me when I read this a few minutes ago the case was closed

Mitt Romney's stance on climate change policy in the wake of Superstorm Sandy - A film showing Romney's address to the Republican Congress, in which he mocked President Obama by arguing

"I'm not in this race to slow the rise of the oceans or to heal the planet".

Like I said - I have not got a true handle on American if any politics, but for the most powerful man in the world to think this......   you decide, I guess you will later.